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Category Archives: Spotlights

Biard® 2ft LED Bathroom Tube Light in Cool White or Warm White


Measuring two feet in length this bright LED strip light will help to save money on your electricity bills. This product uses just 10W and is the same as using a 22W fluorescent lamp. This product is well suited to

Biard® 5ft Frosted LED Bathroom Tube Light in Cool White or Warm White


Encased in a frosted surround this LED strip will add illuminarion to any commercial or industrial setting. There are two lighting options depending on your colour preference, choose from cool white or warm white. Product features: Dimensions: 1500mm (L) x

Biard® 4ft Frosted LED Bathroom Tube Light in Cool White or Warm White


This energy saving LED tube light uses 20W of electricity and will therefore delivery significant savings on your energy bills. Available in either cool white or warm white colours this tube light can be used in corridors, meeting rooms, offices

Biard® 5W COB LED Spotlight MR16 – Equivalent To 50W with True Retrofit


Keep your lighting bills low with this 5W MR16 spotlight with LED technology. This true retrofit product is an exact replacement to 50W halogen spotlights. By switching to LED you can save money on your electricity bills while enjoying the

Biard® 5W SMD LED Spotlight MR16 – Equivalent To 60W with True Retrofit


This energy saving MR16 spotlight has a narrow beam angle in order to project a defined beam of light onto an area. Using 5W this bulb cost significantly less to run than its halogen equivalent which uses 60W. The advantage

Biard® 4W LED Spotlight MR16 – Equivalent To 50W with True Retrofit


Created with a true retrofit design the 4W Biard LED Spotlight with MR16 base is a fitting replacement to 50W halogen spotlights. Unlike a halogen spotlight, this product has a low wattage and prolonged lifespan. LED technology also means that

Biard® 5W Dimmable COB LED Spotlight GU10 – Equivalent To 50W with True Retrofit


The amount of light given off from this LED can be raised and reduce to suit your needs. This dimmable 5W LED can be used in homes, offices and more to add light and act as a lighting feature. The

Biard® 5W COB LED Spotlight GU10 – Equivalent To 50W with True Retrofit


This direct replacement to halogen spotlights is similar in design to a traditional bulb yet it offers the benefits of LED technology. The COB LED gives bright illumination while only using 5W compared to a halogen bulb which would use

Biard® 5W Dimmable SMD LED Spotlight GU10 – Equivalent To 60W with True Retrofit


Lower the cost of your electricity bills by making the transition from halogen to LED spotlights. With this GU10 LED you’ll be able to replace 60W halogen spotlights with a 5W equivalent. This bulb has a 60 degree beam angle

Biard® 5W SMD LED Spotlight GU10 – Equivalent To 60W with True Retrofit


As a low cost equivalent to a 60W halogen spotlight this high quality GU10 LED is capable of lowering electricity bills and reducing the need for regular bulb replacement thanks to its long lifespan. This product features surface mounted diodes

Biard® 4W Dimmable SMD LED Spotlight GU10 – Equivalent To 50W with True Retrofit


Brighten up any setting with this wide beam angled spotlight by Biard. Presented in three stunning colour choices this cost effective LED will suit a wide variety of domestic and commercial settings while keeping electricity bills low. Compared to a

Biard® 4W SMD LED Spotlight GU10 – Equivalent To 50W


If you’re in need of replacing a costly 50W halogen spotlight then this 4W equivalent by Biard is a fast yet long lasting solution. The GU10 LED installs just the same as a halogen bulb but is delivers more benefits.

Biard® Aluminium Touch Sensor LED Under Cabinet Bathroom Light


Spanning 600mm this under cabinet light in cool white or warm white is the perfect way to enhance the appearance of interiors. The light features a sleek touch sensor and energy saving LED technology. Made from aluminium this robust product

Biard® 3 x Stainless Steel Round LED Under Cabinet Bathroom Lights SMD with Power Supply and Six Port Adapt


This stainless steel pack of under cabinet lights provides a high quality lighting solution that’s affordable. The lights comprise of energy saving SMD LEDs that use just 1.8W of electricity. These highly bright lamps come in a choice of cool

Biard® Aluminium Rectangle Vanity Drawer LED Light with Sensor


Add an attractive glow to the interior of draws in the kitchen, bedroom and dressing room with this rectangle sensor draw light. This high quality light has an aluminum surround to keep it protected and to give a frame to

Biard® 3 x Stainless Steel Triangle LED Under Cabinet Bathroom Lights with Power Supply and Adapter


Light up kitchens like never before with this exceptional range of under cabinet lights. Just like a professional show room your kitchen will radiate with a fashionable light in your choice of cool white or warm white. These triangle style

Biard® Aluminium LED Under Cabinet Bathroom Light with PIR Motion Sensor


This attractive light can be used beneath cabinets to create a stunning glow. It comes in a choice of cool white and warm white and will make a great feature in any setting whether commercial or domestic. The motion sensor

Daxlite Tilt Fire Rated Bathroom LED Downlighter White


With its tilt design the fire rated downlighter by DaxLite is a high quality way to introduce energy saving LED and halogen spotlights into your home. Suitable for use with MR16 and GU10 fittings the 50W downlighter has an IP20

Biard® 8W Bathroom LED Downlight


Create a new and improved look to your commercial or domestic lighting with this stylish 8W LED Downlighter from Biard. With its 30,000 hour lifespan, expensive replacement bulbs can be consigned to the past and as it is an eco-friendly

Biard® 6W Bathroom LED Downlight


Completely transform the look of your home lighting scheme with this fantastic 6W LED Downlighter from Biard. Providing the same output as the 40W incandescent alternatives, this LED downlight will help to reduce your carbon emissions and save you money